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Please note that a consumer credit report may be required in conjunction with this application. By checking above, you give Mirabito Energy Products authorization to access any and all consumer credit reports deemed necessary in the processing of this application. If approved, there may be certain circumstances in which a subsequent credit report may be required. Upon request, you will be informed whether a report was obtained, and if so, you will be given the name and address of the agency that furnished the report. Payment terms are 15 days from statement date and a finance charge will be billed to past due balances at a rate of 19.8% per annum, such terms are subject to change. By checking above, you agree that the use of any card or account issued in conjunction with this offer is subject to the terms specified in, and such terms are subject to change. You also agree to the financially responsible of such card and agree to make all payments within the stated terms of this agreement. The Mirabito FuelCard can not be used to purchase lottery products.

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